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When Single Parents are Sick

When work is your only option for making the ends meet, then you very well cannot afford to get sick.  Single parents and getting illnesses just do work together in order to keep food on the table consistently.  Getting sick as a single dads (fathers) is just downright unavoidable.  Once, you know this then the only option that you have is to plan ahead in order to be able to handle it.

Single parents have these options when they get sick:

-The backup plan is the most import thing.  Your kids need you to be healthy and full of energy but the reality of the situation is that eventually you are going to get sick.  When you do get sick take your child to daycare as usual and simply go back to your home and go get some much deserved sleep.  If the daycare is at your job then things may be a little trickier but, you can still make it happen.  Try and see if you have a friend of family member who is willing to be your emergency buddy.  Then see if you can have a back up to that.

-Make sure you have some money put away.  You know how you always hear people talking about saving money for a rainy day?  This is what they were talking about.  Sick days can take their toll on your budget very quickly if you are not paying attention. We all know it is not easy to save up money on a bunch of what ifs but, you know there will be a time when you are sick and have no more sick days left.

-Being proactive about your health is about the best financial help that one can get.  If you feel a little sniffle or a throat that is beginning to get sore then you need to start taking some medication before any virus can grab a hold of you.  Whenever possible get more sleep.  As single parents sleep is hard to come by but, it is worth it whenever you can get it.  Make sure you stay up to date on all of your vaccinations.  Most single dads (fathers) will always make sure they have their child’s shots up to date but, never their own.


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