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Trying to Sell Your Home Faster?

Sellers need all the advantages one can get in today’s real estate market to get some financial assistance. Standing out from the competition is vital when trying to sell your home. Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves living in the home you are selling. There are some easy things you can do to make it look like a blank slate to try and help you get from prepping to the market to closing as fast as possible.

Cleaning your home is the first step to making sure your house is ready for the real estate market. It’s very surprising how many people will try to put their house on the market without cleaning it. You want to make your entire home sparkle from head to toe. If you don’t have the available time or elbow grease then you may want to consider hiring a maid service so they can give it a very deep cleaning. Depending on how long it has been you may also want to consider putting a fresh coat of neutral colored paint. Last but not least you want to make sure your home has that curb appeal. You don’t want potential buyers seeing something wrong as soon as they step out of the car.

Just as a reminder that you want to make sure your home can be easily visualized by the new home buyer, take down all persona; belongings and items while you are showing your home. Let the buyer visualize their family photos on the walls, not staring at yours.

Staging your house is an invaluable technique to get your home to sell as rapidly as possible. They do have professional stagers if you have a completely empty house. They will have items for rent like tables and living room furniture and they will help make your home appealing. They help make the house look lived in but nothing too personal so they buyer can visualize their items in your home.

On the day of your showing, set the mood in your home for a good experience. You might want to have fresh flowers in the kitchen, soft music playing in the background, and all of the lights on. If you want to go a step further, bake a batch of cookies just before showing so the whole house smells delicious. These kinds of things go a long way in influencing the minds of your potential home buyers. Every little bit helps!

When it comes time to show your home you want to set up the best buying experience that you can. Fresh flowers in the kitchen are always a big hit. Some other ideas are playing some soft music. Finally it never hurts to bake some cookies just before so your house will smell great! Don’t forget every little thing you do will help you towards your goal.


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