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Medication help

Figuring out what to do when you child/children are sick as a single parent is an extremely daunting task.  Being a single dad you may not have access to affordable health insurance.  When you don’t have insurance it is extremely crippling financially to do something as simple as pay for a visit to the family doctor.  Then, just when you think it couldn’t get bad enough, you have a new prescription you must pay for.  Now, after all of that dark and gloomy news, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There are programs for prescriptions that will help you save money on the ever increasing prescription costs.

It is surprising that one of the entities that provides the prescription drug discount plans are the drug manufacturers themselves.  They offer the programs for better public relations so they can give testimonials about how they provide free or discounted prescriptions to the very people who need them the most.  These programs are specifically constructed for people with low incomes but now low enough to apply and qualify for government aid.

Finding these programs sounds harder then it seems.  One of the first things you should do is talk to your primary care physician.  Your doctor may have some free samples that will help you save money.  Also, it should be hassle-free.  Your primary care physician should also know which programs are available and if you should apply.  Talk to your doctor and see what suggestions your doctor may have.

Your primary care physician will have to apply for the programs for you if you are eligible.  For individuals who may need ongoing medication, you are in luck, a lot of these programs are designed such a situation.  If you or your child’s condition is only temporary these types of programs are probably not suited for you. 

Discount clubs are an option if your prescription isn’t long term.  These are hosted by most pharmacies and can provide you with many different types of discounts.  Some of these might have some fees attached to them so; make sure you don’t pay more for the membership that you will receive in discounts.

In closing, Make sure your primary care physician always checks the box for the generic medications.  They are under the same FDA regulations and contain the same ingredients.  The difference in costs is astounding.  Some drugs that are brand name can cost up to $100 could be purchased for $4 of you get the generic.  Saving money is the easiest way to financial help and financial freedom for you and for your kids


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