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Low Cost Groceries for Single Parents

Whether you are a single dad (father) the grocery store is a place where you are constantly looking to save a few bucks.  You will always have to go there and the prices on everyday things can change so drastically.  We’ve all tried collecting coupons but, that is just very time consuming and let’s face nothing is more valuable when you are a single parent than your time.  One realistic option that you have is the Angel Food Ministries.

What is Angel Food Ministries?  I’m glad you asked.  It is a non-profit group that offers to anyone the ability to buy $60 worth of groceries for a whole $30 one time a month.  You may be thinking that this is the food that no one would buy at the grocery stores so it is a point of last resort food.  You would be wrong; the food is on par with restaurant quality which includes frozen meats, cereal, fresh and frozen vegetables, desserts, and bread.

If you want to go over to the Angel Food Ministries website, they report that a month’s box of food will last a family of four for about one week.  Since, this food is meant to be frozen it will keep for longer so that if you want to make it last longer, that option is available.  They can and will accept food stamps which allow you to stretch those food stamps even longer for a month’s worth of food than you normally would have before.

As a reminder this program is available to anyone.  It isn’t just for single parents.  That is a huge benefit for this program.  With most government programs you need to be in a certain income bracket in order to qualify.  With this program you do not have to be.  It does not matter if you make hundreds of thousands a year, you are still eligible.

If this program sounds like it is for you then I suggest you head on over to their website.  This is where you will be able to find a church in your local area that is participating.  Once you have located a church you will need to contact them and find out when the payment is due.  In most cases it is due in the month prior to when you want to receive your food.  The menu is also located on their website.  This will allow you to see if you would like to order for the month so there is no guess work involved.

When you have paid you will receive a receipt.  Make sure to keep this receipt and return to the church with it when it is time to pick up your order.  You will also want to bring a box with you to carry your order in.  You will be given specific times on when to pick up your food so make sure you plan accordingly.

So what is the catch? Will you have to listen to a religious message to get your food? No, you will not. This organization, while it is sponsored by churches and was started by a pastor, does not make religion a part of the program. You simply order your food and pick it up. There are no strings attached and no commitments to make. This is simply one way to stretch your grocery budget a little further.

Please do not be scared off because this take place at a church.  This is not a sly way of them trying to push any sort of beliefs on anyone.  This program may be sponsored by churches but, does not make religion part of the program.  All you have to do is order the food and pick it up, no strings attached.  This is just simply away to get some financial help with your groceries.


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