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Now any business cannot make a living by just giving away free money. The government is even less inclined to do so but, there are some situations that they can provide some financial help or financial assistance to you. Now if you are a single dad (father) or any single parent for that matter there are some grants out there that can help you with getting a college education and enabling you to better be able to provide for your family.

Now with all of that being said there is no government grants out there that specifically target single parents but, there are many grants out there that as a single parent you can qualify for. Now to start the grant process you will need to begin with FAFSA. This is an application that will help determine how much financial help or financial assistance that you can qualify for. The Pell grant is one of the first grants that you can granted to you if you meet the requirements. This is a grant that can really help out a single parent and it can give you over five thousand dollars if your financial needs are extraordinary.

Now if you can qualify for the Pell grant and you are on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to your finances you might be eligible for the federal supplemental education opportunity grant you can go to the website http://www2.ed.gov/programs/fseog/index.html. This is one of the grants for single fathers (dads), any single parent, or others whom have had some hard times financially that is based on the amount of cash that you can put towards your own education. This amount for the grant can be between one hundred to four thousand dollars.

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher there is a grant out there that can give you some financial help. It is known as the teacher education assistance for college and higher education grant or known as the acronym TEACH, you can find more information located at http://studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students/english/TEACH.jsp. This grant can enable you to get up to $4000 a year if you plan to become a teacher in lower income areas. Single dads (fathers) or any single parent who is even thinking about getting their teaching degree should look into this program as it is a good way to get some financial assistance.

Finally, there are many advertisements out there on the internet that claim to offer free grants to single parents. This is something that you should be very leery over. Most of the time they are just scams trying to take advantage of people looking for help. There is government financial help out there but, there are no grants other than the educational ones. The government will provide you assistance for food and financial help. This government help is designed to help you make your financial ends meet but, it is not setup in the form of grants. Just remember to keep your head up and fully look into organizations that want to help.



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