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Government financial help adivce for single parents

You may be hard pressed to find a single parent whether it be a single mom (mother) or single dad (father) that is not struggling financially. That is where some government financial help can be a great option. There are many circumstances to where a single parent has to work at least one job and most of the time two of them, take care of your kids, and try and deal with an ex that won’t help out at all. This is where the government can help provide you with some financial assistance to help try and get you back on your feet again.

Now there are several different options for this government financial help and we will list them below.

The first and foremost one that should be discussed is about child support. The child support services are located in different counties in your local state. The will pretty much handle everything that needs to be done to enforce a child support court order. They can help with various related child support issues like tracking down an ex spouse, garnish wages, and get some DNA testing done among other things.

Some of the other government financial help available for single dads and single moms is a program called families first. This is a program that can help you when you are not getting any child support and really need that assistance to get you to a better place financially. It can help with food stamps and medical care with some other options as well. The money that they give you will then be collected by the person not sending you child support so you will not have to pay back the assistance that you have been receiving from them.

Now some of you single parents out there may have other issues that you need assistance with regardless if you are having issues with child support or not. If you are have issues with paying some of your most basic of bills, there is some government help for that also. There is also some housing assistance available if you are eligible. Go to your local department of human services to learn what assistance and help that you can qualify for.

Utility bills are another thing that single parents sometimes have a hard time keeping up with. The winter months can be very cold and bitter if you cannot pay your heating and electricity bills. There are energy assistance programs out there that can help you with that exact scenario. These types of programs are not just funded by government dollars but, with private dollars as well. Check for your local energy assistance programs that are in your local area to find out more.

Where your children go to school can also be a good place to seek out some government financial help. Keep in mind that your kids may be eligible for lunch programs at school which can help you get ahead with your finances while having the peace of mind that your kids are eating healthy. The schools may even be aware of some more programs that you could qualify for so make sure to ask them about more than just the lunch programs.

In closing, government financial help and assistance is not out of reach for you and your family. There are various different programs out there that can help with all different types of financial needs that you may have. You will never know until you ask and you might be pleasantly surprised when you do!


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