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Free College for Single Dads?

Free college for single dads (fathers) seems to be this myth that no one can really tell you whether it is true or not. Is it this great opportunity that most people miss out on? Is it just this white whale that people are chasing? I wish I could give you a straight forward answer but, unfortunately the answer is not as simple as it first would seem. Hopefully, I don’t ramble on and I am clear enough to help you demystify this question for you.

Now we whether you are a single father (dad) or not we have all heard the saying that “Nothing in life is free.” Now as disappointing as this sounds, it actually is true. Anyone who is promising a free ride for anything let alone college is probably trying to take advantage of you (anyone might not be a fair statement, there are still a few good people in the world that just want to help but, for majority’s sake let’s just say anyone). When talking about getting some free college there are almost always a catch to the offer.

There are some things that you can do to help bring down the cost of your college tuition and some of those do not involve you paying the money back to anyone. Below in the next couple of paragraphs we will mention a few ideas that can help you on your way to getting some free college for single dads.

One option for you is College WorkStudy. The reason that this is a good option is because you are able to go to college and get some works experience during your schooling. It can help you pay for your college while at the same time helping provide you with job skills that you will need going forward. Another potential benefit to this program is you might be eligible for college daycare. Now this solution will not pay for all of your college cost but, it can provide some much needed financial help in this case.

Government grants are another fabulous option for single dads (fathers). There are many of these available to you. Some examples are the Pell grant and that is available to not only single fathers (dads) but, to everyone. There are also special types of government grants that help single parents, people whom are looking to start a business, and parents that are in certain circumstances that need some help to get started with their higher learning. Any university financial aid office is a good place to start to see what you are eligible for.

If you are a single dad (father) looking to get into a college to better the life of you and your family will look very appealing to the people who award scholarships to people. There are a lot of organizations and companies that give scholarships to people. They usually look for people whom not only need the financial help but, also can show them what they are going to do with their diploma. What you will do with your diploma is help better the life of your kids and that will be very attractive to those groups who make the decision to award the scholarships. In this case you should apply for everyone you can find whether you think that you can win it or not. You never know what could happen. It is better to have your name in the list and stand a chance then to stand no chance at all.

This is just a small sampling of way to find if there is free college for single dads (fathers). There are many more choices out there that can help you and your family get that financial assistance. Search all of the government websites, go to all the financial aid offices, and also check with your local DHS office to find out all of the ways that you can uncover the secrets to financial help!


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