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Food Stamps Information

Being a single parent, you will seek Financial Help whenever and wherever you can find it.  Since incomes and family sizes will be different for everyone, learning to apply for food stamps could be a good option for you. 

One program that is organized on a state level but is backed by the Federal Government (the USDA) is the food stamp program.  Application will be with your state’s department of health if you feel that you qualify.

You don’t have to look at the Food Stamps program as embarrassing anymore.  Once you are approved you will be given a card that is on the same principal as an ordinary debit card.  Simply present it at a grocery store that participates in the program.

Your assets will weigh heavily into the programs decision on whether or not you application will be accepted.  Some of the required information will be info on your vehicles (if any), mortgage or rent info, and money in the bank.  Your average monthly income might make you eligible for the food stamps but, your assets may be a reason for disqualification.

Eligibility can be determined by checking your gross income.  Your gross income can be %130 above poverty level or lower to be eligible.  If you do your math based on your net income, you can be at the poverty level to qualify.  Size of your family is another factor that will determine eligibility.  Some other government food assistance programs will have different limit/ expectations such as WIC.

Just like most programs the eligibility determination can become very cumbersome but, it will be worth your while.  There are other ways to get your deductions so make sure you consider everything.  Some states will allow you to deduct different things so make sure you know where to look.  Just remember help is always just a phone call away to your local food stamps office if you find the eligibility process to perplexing.

When the determination is made and if you qualify you will be allotted a set amount that you will be able to use with your food purchases.  However, anything over the monthly allotment will be your responsibility.  Another point to make is to make sure you understand which foods are covered under the program and which ones are not.  It will not cover all of your expenses but, remember any financial help is still help.


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