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Buying a car

Any sort of automobile is critical to making a living for any single parent. It is your primary form of transportation so you can go to your place of employment, the daycare, pay your bills, and any other sort of location you may need to go to. The problem is that finding a sufficient car or truck/SUV for single dads can be a daunting task on a limited income.

Let’s not forget that not only do you have to factor in the monthly cost of the car itself but, you have the expense of the auto insurance, fuel, and any sort of maintenance that is needed. Just the thought of this can be very overwhelming but, you’re in luck. We here at www.singledadfinancialhelp.com have some ideas that may be of some help to you.

The very first thing that you will want to consider is, do you really need to own a car? The answer to the question usually is based on your location. If your residence is based in a city and you work in the city, then you might not need your own vehicle. You might not have the convenience of being able to get up and go anywhere, like if you owned your vehicle but, once you realize the money savings you may decide that it is worth it. If you do decide to go the route of public transportation purchasing a frequent-rider pass is an excellent way to get some financial help!

If you do decide that public transportation is not a suitable option for you and you do need to own your own vehicle, we recommend looking somewhere besides a dealership for your purchase. A great place for a single dad to shop for cars at reduced prices is Habitat for Humanity. They take donated cars for single parents and sell them at drastically reduced prices. This is a great place to find cars for single fathers.

Checking craigslist.com is another great place to look for used automobiles. Keep in mind that you can also make posts on craigslist.com and not just search on the site. You might want to write up a post and explain your current financial situation and state that you are looking for an affordable and reliable automobile. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people that are on craigslist. You never know who may read your post! It may be someone who was in a similar situation and might want to return the favor.

Another place to look for an automobile is at rental car agencies. They will sometimes have older rental cars for sale. We recommend taking the car to a mechanic and have the vehicle fully inspected before you buy. With that being said, you should have any and all used cars that you are thinking about buying inspected by a mechanic, not just used rental cars. There are some low life people that like to take advantage of single parents and sell them vehicles that break down rapidly, so they can nickel-and-dime single dads for the repairs.

Finally, do not forget to check with credit unions, any non-profits, or your local Social Services agency in your local area. There are some cases where credit unions and similar financial institutions that will offer some loan programs that offer single fathers help with their transportation issues.

Sometimes having a vehicle or not having a vehicle can be the difference between being able to receive government aid and grants and not getting them because of the inability to find a job. A lot of organizations know this and they will help you on your auto purchasing journey.

The internet is here to help you. Don’t be afraid to use the search engines like Google.com for all sorts of financial help for single parents. You never know what you are going to find until you look. You found this site didn’t you. :)


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