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Credit Report Disputes

Access to your credit report is easier than it has ever been.  One thing that has not become easier however, is disputing an item that is incorrect that is on your credit report.  These mistakes, of not corrected can cause your credit score to be extremely lower than it should be.  When you need to dispute an item you need to write a credit dispute letter.  We here at singledadfiancialhelp.com will help you with this task.

There are sample letters available online that can help you with the formatting of the letter to make sure your letter looks as professional as possible.  Financial help is all over the internet you just have to look for it!

The first thing that needs to be included in your letter is that you are making a formal complaint about your credit report because it includes an error.  Make it clear to them that you are bothered that there is incorrect information on your credit report.  Once you have made your formal complaint clear make sure you include all of the information that you have proving that this is not your error.  Now that your letter is almost complete make sure that you ask to have the error removed from your credit report completely. 

Getting denied credit can be an embarrassing thing.  Getting denied credit because of an error can be embarrassing and extremely frustrating.  If you were denied credit because of an error make sure that you specify to them that this scenario has happened and what type of credit you were applying for.

Make sure you always include your social security number with all of your disputes to make sure another error does not happen while the removal is being processed.  It is better to give them too much information rather than not enough and having to restart the process all over again.

Make a sample letter a couple of times to make sure that you have included everything and have worded things the way you want.  It is ok to do a sample five or six times if you feel the need to make sure you get it right the first time.  Once you have perfected your letter make sure you send it registered mail It would be very frustrating to do all of this work and have it misplaced in the mail.  By using registered mail, you will be notified once your letter is received. 

If they will not remove your errors, you always have the option of hiring a credit dispute lawyer. Credit dispute lawyers always know how to dispute an item on your credit report, and should be able to get your matter cleared up in no time.

If you find out that these errors will still not be removed you do not have to give up hope.  You can hire a lawyer that specializes in credit disputes.  They can fight this battle for you and might have better luck at getting this dispute resolved.  Sometimes you may need to pay a little to get some financial help but, it can be worth it.


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