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Community College Advice

In these current times it seems like the cost to attend a university just continues to increase.  A lot of single dads (fathers)  to try and help lessen some of these costs by attending community colleges rather than a much larger colleges.   More and more people, not just single parents are realizing the advantages to attending community colleges and will usually spend their first year or so at these places to advance their education.  Below is a list of benefits to attending community colleges:

-Much closer to your home.  Lots of smaller areas have a local university which means you will not have to travel as far and as a single parent that means you will have more time to spend with your kids.  Also since the cost of the college is significantly cheaper than single dads (fathers) can get some financial help.

-The class sizes are much smaller than that of the larger State Universities.  Community colleges on average are much smaller, so it is much easier to get some one-on-one time with your professor on things you may be struggling with in your class.  This usually means that you can understand your subjects much better therefore increasing your GPA.

-Lower cost of tuition.  The price of classes at community colleges is much less than that of a four year college thus, making education a much more accessible option for single parents.  single dads (fathers) whom would normally have to battle financially to make ends meet can have a little more breathing room for their finances.  There sometimes are programs where you can work at the college part time to work off some of the tuition costs.

-Education quality.  There really isn’t much of a difference between the quality of education at a bigger school rather than a smaller school.  Most of the time the credits you receive at a community college will transfer over to the larger universities.  The professors at most community colleges are of high quality and want to see all of their students succeed.

If all of the reasons stated above sound like a good deal to you, then you should start looking into all of the community colleges in your area.  Make sure you take a look at all of the classes that they offer and also see if you can find any feedback for the professors that teach at the school.  There usually are a lot of places to choose from so it will boil down to which one impresses you the most.  Also make sure that the credits that they offer are transferable to other universities.  The college registrar should be able to give you a good base list to see which ones will carry over.  There are many ways to receive financial help for single dads (fathers).  The hard part is trying to find it.  Good luck with your future studies and improving your single parent quality of life.


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