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Child Support Advice

Whether you are a single dad, trying to get child support from the other parent can be a completely overwhelming task.   Our entire legal system can be very intimidating and make you think that it is not worth the extra stress.  Not only that but, all of the people whom specialize in child support are so swamped and backed up that it can make you feel like you have to go this alone.

Just remember to never lose your focus and concentrate on the sole reason you need child support.  Which is that your children need financial help and support!  There is no better reason that that.  Wading through the deep waters of the child support system can be an arduous task and very frustrating but, your child/children are counting on you to make the effort for them.

You have probably heard and read many stories of the horrors of the child support battles and now cannot separate fact from fiction.  Below are some common misconceptions about child support.

They claim they are not working, and so they don’t owe any child support.

This could not be anymore false.  If you take anything away from this article please make sure that you always remember this.  When a judge has made a child support ruling, that parent is responsible for the necessary payments whether that have a job or not.  If they start to miss payments they will just add up and when they finally can give you support they will have to make all back payments as well as staying current.

I can earn enough money to take care of my family, so they are free and clear.

Wrong again!  The amount of income earned by you is irrelevant.  Every parent has a responsibility and duty to their child/children.  That cannot be overlooked just because you are doing well for yourself.  They may not have to pay much if you make way more than them but, they will still have to pay you.

If they pay child support, the judge will award them visitation rights- and my child/children do not want to see them.

This really depends on the circumstance.  If there is a good legal reason why the other parent should not be in contact with your kids (some kind of abuse for example) then the courts can rule that there will be no visitation with the other parent.  Even if that is the case they can still not get out of paying child support.  Financial Help to your kids doesn’t not automatically mean visitation.  

I can't collect past owed child support because my kids are now eighteen or older.

100%  wrong.  Past owed child support has to be paid regardless of the age of the kids.  Some cases have been known to collect child support up to a decade later.  If the courts can find the deadbeat they will make him pay you.  Even the kids are now adults you may not receive the money it may go to your kids.
Keep in mind that laws in every state can vary so go to your local child support office.  They can inform you of what you can do and how you can assure your child/children receive financial help.  Don’t believe everything you read and hear, get the facts!  You are not alone and not the first one to go through this.


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